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The scorching heat of summer can stifle your plans for a trip around Brisbane if you don’t have an awning fitted to your caravan. With winter always being mild, you can take a trip all year round. When planning a trip out from Brisbane, Xtend Outdoors caravan awnings are what you can rely on. Brisbane’s signature warm weather is no match for an Xtend Outdoors awning.


Xtend Outdoors has an extensive range of caravan awnings, from manual to electric, perfect for whatever your situation and requirements. We talk to you to understand your needs, and offer awning solutions accordingly. Our awnings cut down heat and protect you from the rain.


With great attention to detail, we take great pride in offering you the best awning for the job. The addition of curved roof rafters to stop rain from pooling on your awning, and anti-flap kits to stop the awning from flapping in wind, we can help make your next trip a memorable one.

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    Caravan awnings for sale in Brisbane

    Outdoors awnings added to caravans help personalise your living space and provide shade to keep your caravan cool and comfortable. Selecting the right type of awning is something Xtend Outdoors specialises in.


    We offer an exclusive range of awnings to improve your road trip experience. Our innovative Aria Inflatable 4WD awning, Fiamma Awnings and roll-our camper awnings are some of our most popular models.


    Our caravan awnings are easy to operate, professionally designed and installed expertly by our trained technicians.

    Top caravan awning installation services in Brisbane

    Xtend Outdoors has years of experience providing the best services to our customers throughout Australia. The team at Xtend Outdoors design the awnings to fulfil your requirements, keeping your comfort as a priority.


    From inflatable wind-up camper awnings to rollout electric awnings, we can tailor the awning to enhance your experience anywhere in Brisbane. We use superior quality Austrong Vinyl which will not tear, fade, warp or delaminate over time.


    We believe that from measuring to installation, every step is crucial in ensuring you have a positive experience. We can also help you measure for your new awning yourself if you are in a location we can’t visit. Get extra protection with an awning from Xtend Outdoors in Brisbane.